New Brand and more technology

HPPT is our new brand.

Previously owned by a large German conglomerate in the sector, since 2021 we are a 100% Brazilian company, headquartered in Santana de Parnaíba (SP). We were born with 20 years of experience in the injection and extrusion market and with a remarkable automotive DNA. Just like the new HPPT brand, our quality is increasingly evident.

Make this evolution the differential thatdifferentiation you seek for your business with ourproducts, which can be:


Custom components? Talk to us and learn more about our ability to produce customized products.

Turnkey delivery

Corrugated tubing ready for delivery to catalog standards and specifications with competitive pricing and superior quality.


We are a company with modern and sophisticated equipment, and we strongly invest in technology and innovation to raise the quality standards of the products we manufacture. We have important national and international certifications. Our management is aligned with the new requirements of the sector towards a full operation in the ESG/Sustainability context.

Clean energy

Every product sold by HPPT is manufactured using 100% clean and renewable wind energy.


Certified here and abroad

To ensure the quality of our extrusion and plastic injection products, we have already achieved important certifications. And we continue with the process of continuous improvement to obtain new seals.

Besides manufacturing superior quality products, we have a large plastic processing capacity. All this within an excellent physical structure for production, logistics, and storage.


m² of physical area dedicated
for the operation


monthly tons of processing capacity

With the excellence of ourraw material suppliers

With the excellence of ourraw material suppliers


Excellent in detail,unbeatable on the whole


The most modern and innovative injection molding and plastic extrusion technologies.


Hi-tech laboratory for testing and quality control of our products.


More than 20 years of know-how, mainly with the automotive industry.


State-of-the-art processes to ensure excellence in quality standards.


Privileged location (Santana de Parnaíba) to facilitate the flow of production and access to raw materials.

Customer Service

Specialists for guidance on plastic injection and the acquisition of catalog products.


Injection and extrusion: you need and we make

HPPT offers two possibilities for your company: on-demand products and products for immediate delivery.

The on-demand products are customized for packaging and plastic components manufacturing, while the on-demand products are corrugated pipes and tubes widely used in the automotive sector.


On-demand to your specifications

To meet a wide range of industry demands, we offer high-capacity machinery and advanced technology for large-scale manufacturing of plastic packaging and components to customer specifications.

Our equipment provides manufacturing precision, and you can even count on a verification laboratory to certify all details and specifications.

Do you need to customize plastic packaging and components?

Talk to our specialists.

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Complete catalog for prompt delivery

HPPT offers a wide variety of products for prompt delivery.
Download the catalog, choose the one that best fits your needs and place your order.

Talk to our experts and request a quote.

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Corrugated pipes and tubes for prompt delivery.

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Fique por dentro das inovações do mercado de extrusão e injeção plástica

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Fique por dentro das inovações do mercado de extrusão e injeção plástica


Sua carreira profissional modelada na tecnologia

Na HPPT, a qualidade superior e a tecnologia permeiam todo o ambiente de trabalho. Se você procura uma oportunidade para alavancar sua vida profissional, envie aqui seu currículo e vamos trabalhar juntos.

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